What Is Sugaring?

Body Sugaring involves the use of an all natural, Organic Paste or Gel made primarily of sugar being applied to the desired treatment area. The Sugar removes only the hair by the follicle and dead skin cells, leaving behind extremely smooth skin.

What areas of the Body can be Sugared?

Sugaring is Perfect for all parts of the body from your head to your toes:

Eyebrows   Upper lip   Chin   Neck   Back   Arms   Underarms Legs   Bikini   Mankini   Brazilian   Manzilian   Stomach   Toes

There are 2 Methods of Sugaring.

Sugaring Paste is used at room temperature and requires only your fingers or an applicator.
Sugaring Wax is used slightly warmed (never HOT) with an applicator and reusable denim strips.
When the sugar is applied to the skin, it seeps into the hair follicles. This “lubricates” the hair, which allows the hairs to “glide” out more comfortably and gently. This is the biggest contributor to the “less pain than waxing” factor. This method also minimizes any redness, irritation, hair breakage and ingrown hairs.
All this while simultaneously exfoliating dead skin cells! Sugaring is safe for all skin types (sensitive, itchy, psoriasis, eczema) and is safe on varicose veins and spider veins.
It is ideal for anyone who has a problem with waxing or shaving and seeking an all natural alternative.

Sugaring Paste vs Wax Techniques

Temperature:Room temperatureJust melted
Thickness:Very thickly with thick perimetersApplied thinly over large area
Application:With fingers or applicator providedWith a wooden spatula, butter knife or applicator provided
​Direction of Application:Against natural growth directionAgainst natural growth direction
Direction of Removal:With the natural growth directionWith the natural growth direction
Method of Removal:With the fingers of one or both hands or Applicator providedWith plastic, cloth or paper strips (I provide 2 denim strips)

Sugaring, sugar waxing or Persian waxing is a method of hair removal that has been in use since 1900 BC. Historically, sugar was confined to the regions surrounding Papua New Guinea until the first millennium AD. As a result, it is speculated that honey was the first sugaring agent. Sugaring was also known as sukkar in the Middle East and in Egypt, as ağda in Turkey, and as moum in Iran.

The sugaring method dates to ancient times (around 1900 B.C.) in Egypt. It could also be found in North Africa and East Africa, in Arabic cultures and Persian cultures. In 1984 sugaring was brought to the United Kingdom. For more information about the history of sugaring, visit this page.