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Rose Water Facial Toner | Natural Vegan Face Toner Anti Aging Skincare 2 oz


Rosa Damascena Petals, Red Rose Petals, Mountain Fed Spring Water, Fresh Spring Water, Rose Toner, Rose Petals infused in fresh water, Red Roses, Rose Hydrosol

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All Natural Rose Water balances your skin’s delicate pH levels as it naturally hydrates and conditions your skin. A special slow heating process draws out the purest and most potent Rose (Rosa Damascena) active elements to naturally soothe inflammation, prevent dryness and leave your complexion looking refreshed. It is also ideal as a makeup setting spray.

Treating your skin with pure Rose Water means you will see all of the benefits without having to worry about any skin irritation. You can use this Rose Water as a makeup remover, in aromatherapy, and as a hair treatment. Since this product is a one-ingredient recipe, you can use Rose Water as a treatment to repair damaged hair and give it increased softness and shine.

This product will leave your skin naturally dewy fresh without any added oils or chemicals. You can use Rose Water any time of day even under makeup. Rose Water prepares sensitive, dry, & acne prone skin for serums & moisturizers. This all-natural Rose Water has a soothing effect and is perfect for calming and relieving sunburn. Whether the irritation is on your face or elsewhere on your body, it gives your skin a soft feel and tone and soothes.

Adding the amazing all-natural benefits of Rose Water to your beauty regime gives your skin many rewards. Rose Water acts as a toner, which naturally balances the skin’s pH, making it soft, radiant and smooth. Its unique properties soothe and calm skin irritations while cleansing and hydrating the skin naturally.

JBHomemade’s Rose Water is 100% pure and naturally made from Rosa Damascena petals grown in my organic gardens on our homestead. This botanical blend infuses the petals by slowly warming them in fresh, filtered mountain spring water from Tennessee. There are no artificial fragrances, added chemicals or preservatives.

Natural Rose Water, known for its mild astringent properties and simply beautiful aroma, leaves your face and skin feeling naturally clean and refreshed. As this gentle formula cleanses and softens the skin, it also gently removes lingering traces of face cleanser and any trapped dirt, oil, and makeup.

♦ Balances Your Skin’s Delicate Ph
♦ Hydrates Your Skin
♦ Conditions Your Skin
♦ Soothes Inflammation
♦ Prevents Dryness
♦ Makeup Setting Spray
♦ Makeup Remover
♦ Hair Treatment
♦ Relieves Sunburn
♦ Tones And Soothes
♦ Calms Skin Irritations
♦ Mild Astringent
♦ Softens The Skin
♦ Removes Traces Of Trapped Dirt, Oil, And Makeup

Use before applying your favorite face lotion as it helps to prepare your skin to maximize the benefits of your moisturizer.

♦ Ideal for Combination Skin, Acne-Prone Skin, Mature Skin, Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin, Normal Skin

General Instructions:
♦ For Skin Care: Saturate a cotton pad and apply to cleansed skin using upward strokes. Follow with appropriate serum and moisturizer. By finely spritzing over makeup, you can also use Rose Water as a makeup setting spray.

♦ For Body Care: Pour 1 oz into warm bath water and soak for up to 30 minutes. By finely spritzing after a bath or shower, you can also use Rose Water for light hydration all over the body.

♦ For Hair Care: Before shampooing, saturate your dry hair and scalp by lightly spritzing onto dry hair and comb through to distribute evenly. Allow to soak for up to 30 minutes. Then follow your normal shower regime by shampooing and conditioning.

JBHomemade’s Rose Water comes straight from my homestead gardens in Tennessee and is free of chemicals, preservatives or artificial fragrances such as perfume.

Weight 4 oz


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