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Signature Required Add On | USPS Signature Required

Signature Required USPS

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In these hot summer days, please protect your sugaring purchase by adding SIGNATURE REQUIRED for your shipment of Sugaring Paste.
You DO NOT want your Sugaring Paste to sit in a mailbox (which is essentially an oven on a 100 degree summer day) or front porch for hours. This will melt/cook your sugar and render it essentially unusable even after letting it sit in a cool/dry room for 24 hours.

Sugaring Wax should be ok, since we warm sugaring wax anyways.

Signature Required is not automatically added to your Priority Mail and First Class packages. This is a manual add on.

If you do not think you will be home when your mail delivery comes, this will be your best option to ensure that the sugar does not sit in a hot mailbox or front porch for hours. The mailman will make several attempts to deliver at your chosen shipping address (three) and after that, will be held at the post office for pick up.

This is been an extremely hot summer all around. To the best of my ability, I have been able to replace sugar that’s been melted by the hot summer sun.

“Please note that there may be circumstances (such as weather or incompetent postal workers for that matter) that are beyond my control for delivery of package. Please Make Note That JBHomemadeShop / JBHomemade is Not Responsible for USPS Delays, lost in transit or damaged packages.”
This is includes heat/hot mailboxes and front porches.

Though, as policies state, this is not in my control and JBHomemadeShop / JBHomemade should not be held responsible for Sugaring Paste left in a hot mailbox for hours.

Simply add this listing to your cart as a preventative measure if you may not be home during your regular mail delivery.


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