Q. Can hair removal by sugaring last forever?

A. It is possible to become permanently hairless if you sugar yourself correctly and regularly.

If and how long it will take you to stay hairless depends on several factors. As every human being is an individual, there are individual hair types, so it could be the case that you stay hairless after a few treatments whereas others may need much more. Also, the method you previously used to remove hair has a strong influence. Hair growth intensity is stronger in some areas of the body than in others; in these areas, it will naturally take more treatments.”Anukis

Body Sugaring Leads to Permanency

According to Ms. Chantalle Moerman, blog editor at Sugaring Change, a well-renowned sugarista, and practitioner,

“In order to understand how body sugaring can lead to permanency, you have to imagine the follicle wall as a brick wall on a house. (*very good analogy!) Every time the hair is extracted in the Anagen stage of growth, it pulls a portion of bricks of the wall with it. As the bricks are removed the wall will eventually collapse and be unable to produce hair. *Pay attention here:*
It is recommended that you get your body sugaring done at 1/8″ to catch the hair in the beginning stages of growth. Waiting longer between services (*or at home treatments) creates more discomfort during the molding (*spreading) process and will not lead to permanency.” Waxing requires the hair to be longer (in the Catagen stage of growth). When the hair enters the Catagen stage of growth it is already detaching from the follicle wall making it less likely to lead to permanency.

Hair shape is determined by follicle shape. 

Angled/ bent follicle = oval (curly hair)/flat hair (wavy hair) 

Straight follicle = round hair (straight hair).

NOTE: When waxing, curly hair breaks more than straight hair.

Exfoliation is the key to the best sugaring treatment. In my experience and research, your skin will get better results from sugaring if: You take the time to take care of your skin before and after your sugaring treatments at home. Exfoliation is one of the key ways to keep your skin soft and happy between your hair removal treatments!