Nothing big, nothing fancy.
I’m not that kind of girl.
No frills and whistles.
I’m simple and humble.
I find what I need and
love what I see. I find in
nature what is needed for
my mind body and soul.

I grew up in West Palm Beach FL, in a suburb called Wellington. Though it was a nice place to grow up, I am grateful that I am in the serenity and peace of the country now. Cities are not for me. My love was ballet when I was a child. My Grandaddy was always and still to this day my favorite person (besides my babies. My parents had a beautiful wedding in Pompano Beach when I was two. My sister has always been my best friend. I spent a lot of time at the beach and my boys loved the beach as well.

I now live in rural TN with my man and my youngest son (16) and our two dogs. We are on a 180 acre homestead and live in an old farmhouse. When we moved up to TN, my two eldest opted to stay in Florida with their father, preferring the beach and city life. They have a very close relationship with my mom and stepdad and they attend their church. Matthew joined the Navy in 2016 and Quentin graduated this year and plans on following in his brother’s path by joining the Navy and specializing as a EMT and firefighter. They’ve grown so much and I love them more than anyone could know. I’m a very proud mother.

Anthony, Michael and I do our best to live frugally, holistically, organically, naturally, self-sustain, live off the land (my husband hunts, processes our meat, chops our wood, we have a vegetable garden half the size of a football field, we can, make tomato juice, sauce, salsa, and grow our own herbs and flowers). The farmhouse was originally built in 1903. When Michael renovated the house before we moved in he found a newspaper from 1903 in the flooring used as insulation. There are times that we hear strange things, see things that are a little eerie and have all experienced ghosts here in the house and on the land. History in the area showed us that the Civil War played a role in the development and settlement of Portland. Part of the acreage towards the back of the property has been searched and we have found some interesting memorabilia (such as buttons, coins, and shells from guns) showing proof (in our eyes) that troops may have marched right throughout the land.

Because we live the natural lifestyle that we do, I ended up learning about Organic Sugaring for a gentle, natural alternative to hair removal (compared to waxing, shaving, laser). I fell in love with sugaring and decided to create my business incorporating this ancient hair removal method, spreading the word, teaching women and men the method, and adding organic sugar scrubs and skin care. Using the herbs I grow on my homestead and ingredients purchased from the local Amish community, I am able to ensure their naturalness. I throw craft show events including my products, featuring other local, small businesses from my community. The events help them to get their names out there as well.

A small gallery of our gardens on the homestead. For more yearly galleries, check out

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