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JBHomemade offers natural skincare and the gentle hair removal method called sugaring. We use Nature’s Bounty to provide a natural skin care and health regimine. Our satisfied customers know that natural, organic skin care is a highly effective and safer alternative to the chemicals in many products of today.

Sugaring Paste: Firm
JBHomemade Sugaring Paste Starter Sets Collection Collage 2018
Sugaring Paste Starter Sets
JBHomemade Sugaring Paste Bundles Collection Collage 2018 (Custom)
Sugaring Paste Bundles
JBHomemade Sugaring Wax all sizes set 2018 (8)
Sugaring Wax: Soft
JBHomemade Sugaring Wax Starter Sets Collection Collage 2018 (Custom)
Sugaring Wax Starter Sets
JBHomemade Sugaring Wax Bundles Collection Collage 2018 (Custom)
Sugaring Wax Bundles
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Brown Sugar Scrubs
Citrus Sugar Scrubs
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Floral Sugar Scrubs
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Herbal Sugar Scrubs
Pure Aloe
General Skincare
Bath and Body
What is Sugaring?

What Is Sugaring and why is it better?

Body Sugaring involves the use of an all natural, Organic Paste or Wax made primarily of sugar to remove your unwanted hair. The Sugar removes only the hair by the follicle and dead skin cells, leaving behind extremely smooth skin.

What is Sugaring?

The Benefits of Sugaring Hair Removal

30+ reasons to look at sugaring more seriously. As a teenager going through puberty, I was taught that the only logical way to remove my now growing leg hair was to shave.

What is Sugaring?

Compare Sugaring With Your Hair Removal

I will give you many comparisons, mostly because of the fact that the comparisons have to do with how we have been taught in the U. S. as acceptable methods of hair removal.

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring Hair Removal FAQ's

You're not alone. There are many questions about sugaring that cross the mind. Feed your curiosity. Over 30 of the most common questions are answered here.

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring Paste or Wax? Which to Choose?

The answer lies in your goals, hair thickness, nature and history. NOT the technique or method you'd like to learn and start your sugaring journey on.

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Sugaring the Pubic/Bikini/
Brazilian area? Your questions answered!

The results of sugaring leave your skin smooth as a petal and silky soft.

Hey men! Have you been shaving your Chest, Legs, Back and hands?

Reviews from people just like you who’ve tried JBHomemade

Let’s talk about the costs of hair removal for a moment.

List of Video Tutorials & How TO’s by the pros Sugaring Paste

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