JBHomemade offers natural, botanical skincare and the gentle hair removal method called sugaring. The use of Nature's Bounty to provide a natural lifestyle, skin care and health has been around for centuries. Our organic gardens thrive with homegrown flowers, herbs and vegetables. In this second chapter of my life, I share a commitment with my family to live a clean, natural,  self-sustaining, homesteading lifestyle here in TN.
The concept of Clean, natural living inspires each of my homemade products.

29 terrific helpful tips for successful bikini sugaring at home

How do you go about sugaring the Pubic/Bikini/Brazilin area 
(Otherwise known as sugaring the bikini area or a sugar Brazilian)?

I get this question a lot...how do you go about sugaring
the Pubic/Bikini/Brazilin area?
How do you do the Bikini area yourself?
Well, I can explain it in words...
but watching is so much better!
I'll give you my version after!
I just really can give you tips..
One thing I want you to notice in these brazilian, bikini line sugaring movies is this:
The color of the skin after sugaring. Nooo..I'm not saying black or white whatever.
The skin is not not red!
The skin is not irritated! It is not swollen either. No bumps. No raw skin.
Here's another...
in any of these movies I have shared...
(there's four further down...they aren't me, but they are by two ladies I truly admire and respect.
They know they're craft and are GREAT teachers.)
I did not hear or see the sugaree flinching or crying out in pain.
I, personally, can attest to this.
I AM able to do the bikini line and Pubic/Bikini/Brazilin
area myself and so can YOU with some patience and research. Yes I said research. Sugaring is unlike any other hair removal out there readily available. At this time, you can't just go to Walgreens and but organic sugaring hair removal. Why? I'd like to know that myself. It's been around since the ancient Egyptians, so why isn't it easier for us to get, like razors and depilatory creams (which, I might add are both bad for the eco-system and environment).
"I like to do it when I'm home alone and I can sit in a comfortable area in a cool, dry room."

This is key to sugaring, period.

IF YOU are warm, sticky, unclean, sweaty, or uncomfortable, frustrated, in a bad mood even you are not going to have much luck! 

This goes for all sugaring (eyebrows to toes). 
I say this because when YOU are well, any of the above, your BODY TEMPERATURE rises. Not a fever, but skin body temperature.
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What do you think is going to happen to the room temperature sugaring paste when you apply it to your skin say....right after a shower?
That would seem like the logical time to do sugaring, right? You're clean!
Nope. Use Sugar Scrubs in the shower.

Get out, cool off, walk, around the house nekkid for a while. Dry off. Cool off. 
Make sure the spot you choose to get comfortable (don't try to sit on the toilet and sugar!) is in like I said...COOL AND DRY. This would not be your bathroom.
Humidity abounds in a bathroom y'all. Think Bedroom, living room, den...
Supplies? What will you need for successful results?
  • Fan if you need it, I recommend a fan when you do Pubic/Bikini/Brazilin sugaring because will keep you cool and dry.
  • Baby Powder or Pure Cornstarch (if you want to keep to the natural aspect-powder has chemical.)
    • *note Pouch of pure cornstarch is provided in all orders for hair removal.
  • Towel
  • Applicator (provided)
  • Hand held mirror (and something to prop it up for you)
  • Confidence - Calm= cooler body temp
  • Positive attitude = cause you know you're going to feel AH-MAY-ZING after doing your own bikini sugaring!
You could go to a salon if you have one around you to get a "feel" for sugaring *recommended*
(Yea..there's one in Nashville, but that's a 50 minute drive for me.)
Euphoria Salon in Nashville, TN
I wanted to do it myself. Plus, I asked myself "Why pay someone over one hundred dollars for something I can do myself with a jar of organic sugaring?"
*An  8 oz jar of JBHomemade Organic Sugaring Paste  will and should 
(assuming that you've done your research, watched the vids, went through the picture tutorials step by step and have an understanding of what you're doing...like I said, sugaring is a LEARNED method of natural hair removal...but once you LEARN it, it is SOO WORTH IT!) last you 2-3 sessions each with results lasting 2-3 weeks with no ingrowns to speak of*
Not all salons use organic ingredients. Natural, yes. Processed, yes. I don't. 
I use raw unprocessed sugar (not white bleached and refined), fresh squeezed lemon juice (not from concentrate or store bought bottle) and water...not tap or fluoride treated that's chemicals - Fresh mountain filtered water.
Typical thought of going to the salon and getting a brazilian!
Ok... on to the videos!
Hey...it isn't me in the videos...(lord knows my southern man would be a bit peeved with me to say the least if I was this brave!)
These are how I LEARNED how to properly do my bikini line and Brazilian. 
Truth be told, I DO have to call the hunny in when I'm ready for the backside. 
He's learned how to sugar as well. He thinks its the coolest thing since sliced bread.
I do his back and his neck so he has learned the method by having me sugar him. 
He does a really good job! Plus..the added bonus....well sex is incredible after sugaring! (NOT RIGHT AFTER...I'm talking the smoothness..)
Jessa, who happens to be a 15 year experienced esthetician who owns her own salon in CA and makes sugaring for the pro salons, uses raw sugar as well. 
You can see the difference in color that the raw sugar provides in her two movies below. Mine is dark as well.
Most salons use Alexandria Pro brand (the most popular PROFESSIONAL sugaring brand), as far as I can tell. They use regular white sugar. Hence the lighter coloring and softer consistency. There are 20 videos in this playlist. Click the image on the right to go directly to the YouTube Playlist.
In my Etsy shop, with all organic sugaring paste orders, I include and applicator and a pouch of corn starch.
  • You can use baby powder with corn starch in it if it's more convenient or if you like the texture better. Each work just as well. 
~These tips all come from personal experience:
  • Use plenty of the Powder/Corn starch: This ensures there is no moisture to the skin. Helps with pain level as well.
  • Smaller the area/more detailed the area~~va-jj~~ smaller the ball. Use the applicator with a small amount--say penny sized on the corner of the applicator--this gives you more visibility and more control
  • Be in a cool, dry room.
  • Use a fan if you need to.
  • YOUR body temperature and the ROOM's temperature/humidity play a role in Sugaring paste.
  • Don't try to sugar right after a shower or bath or right after working out or getting hot/sweaty.
  • Use a mirror~~Sit on floor on a towel. Position yourself and mirror so that you can see what you are doing. Don't try to just feel your way around. Got to be able to see.
  • Advice from my doctor (before I sugared 'there' for the first time I asked my doctor, who happens to be from Persian decent, some tips. She is very familiar with sugaring because her aunts, mom, so on use sugaring in their culture):
I know it goes against going organic with the hair removal, but she suggested using Lidocaine Spray (You know..the stuff you use when you get a sunburn that sprays on and numbs?) She said spray on 45 minutes before sugaring. let it dry/soak it get to work. After 45 minutes, use a towel to ensure every bit of hairs and skin is dry. THEN start applying the powder/cornstarch and moving forward.
  • *Note I'm actually in the process now of making a large batch of a plant based, natural (one would say holistic) tincture that will be listed for this purpose.
  • Make sure you watch the videos provided on my Facebook page or Youtube--they are for legs, underarms and "fingerprint test for paste readiness", but will at least give you some helpful hints.
  1. Apply Powder to absorb any skin moisture
    Apply Powder to absorb any skin moisture
    Cornstarch is a wonderful, natural alternative to baby powder/talcum which is not considered "natural". Though if you prefer or have it handy, baby powder WILL work just fine.
  2. Keep skin tight and taut
    Keep skin tight and taut
    Try to keep skin tight and taut
  3. Gently rub
    Gently rub
    in powder to all areas to be sugared
  4. Use your free hand
    Use your free hand
    to keep skin pulled tight when applying
  5. Hair should be trimmed short before starting
    Hair should be trimmed short before starting
    (recommended 1/8th to 1/4")
  6. Always start on less sensitive areas
    Always start on less sensitive areas
    Like the back of the thigh or low belly
  7. Always start on less sensitive areas
    Always start on less sensitive areas
    Like the back of the thigh or low belly
  8. Removing small traces of sugar
    Removing small traces of sugar
    is more difficult is paste is applied excessively (Photo credits Jenny Pierce though her videos are no longer available unfortunately).
Before and after side by side.
Notice there isn't much in the 
way of redness or sensitivity
AND NO swelling
Before and after side by side.
Notice there isn't much in the 
way of redness or sensitivity
AND NO swelling
Smooth as a petal naturally! 
give your honey a sweet gift...
you'd be surprised how nice and smooth
= enhanced love making!
Which would you choose?
Organic Sugaring is eco-friendly!
All Natural, organic ingredients rinse safely down the
drain with warm water, leaving no residue behind.
Less painful than waxing, sugaring is not only safe for
your skin, it is also safe for the environment!
Which would you choose?
Feel as sexy as a pin up when you experience
how smooth your "vaJJ" is after sugaring!
You can use organic sugaring from your brows to you toes. 
The only thing this image is missing, I believe is men's
underarms. What about bodybuilders? They'd do their underarms!
Bikini Area Sugaring How do you do it? 
How's it work? 
Does it Hurt like Waxing?
Feel as sexy as a pin up when you experience
how smooth you are from head to toe after sugaring! Experience the new smooth as a petal feel you've been missing your whole life!